You do not need repair service in an hour? Then we have dedicated to you the COLLECT-REPAIR-RETURN.ontract with local and national carriers enables you to send the product to service.No effort on your part, not a minute spent in service!

CallĀ FanCourier at 021 9336 and tell them where to pick up the equipment and where you want to send it, and they will take your equipment to ESD SERVICE. For products in the manufacturer's warranty transportation service is free.


Contact FanCourier at 021 9336, tell them that you need courier for ESD SERVICE, tell them what is the location in which you are to collect the product and tell the shipping address. Leave your contact details and details of your product malfunction. Put in the pack the warranty of the product, purchase invoice of the product, written mentions of the claimed defect and whether or not the product manufacturer's warranty.


Once arrived at ESD SERVICE, we will enter your data into the system and we will fix your problem in within 15 days. Meanwhile you can check the service status of your product online in our site, PRODUCT STATUS VERIFICATION IN SERVICE. We will contact you through the call center agents or by e-mail in case we have any problems or ambiguities in the repair process.


Once completed the repair, we will send it to you by courierĀ FanCourier to the address specified by you. We will contact you to let you know about your product delivery and to validate with you the necessary return data.