If you do not have an ESD-SERVICE location in your city, you can send it to FanCourier

In our locations you benefit from One Hour - One hour repair as well and other promotional offers
If you send your device with FanCourier you can trace Repair Status In Real Time

Available service
at national level **

Get a courier...

*The displayed prices are indicative and may vary depending on additional defects that can be detected during repair such as damage caused by liquid infiltration (oxidation) or defective parts due to the use of non-original accessories that can irreparably damage the appliance.

**The cost of the courier service is 30 RON and includes the transport tour and back.

If you do not find the model in the list, you can request information at e-mail: service@esd-rom.ro,
Phone: +4 021 326 60 63 or via the contact form


Out of Warranty Repair

6 months for the spare part
3 months for workmanship
ESD Service is authorized by all manufacturers
for which it provides services and uses
Only Original Parts