ESD SERVICE is authorized by the manufacturer to provide service and repairs under warranty and out of warranty.

ESD SERVICE will conduct repair and support services for customers under current legislation art. 4 of GEO no. Law 34/2014 and 449/2003 and standards and procedures of the manufacturers for products in warranty and out of warranty.

ESD SERVICE will not be responsible for the warranties in case of products that have not been used as manual and according to specifications in the warranty certificates issued by manufacturers.

ESD SERVICE vrepairs out of the warranty any product for which there is support from manufacturers with original components and maintaining the same quality standards of the manufacturers.

ESD SERVICE will provide guarantees of servicing, according to the legislation and quality standards ESD.

ESD SERVICE will provide clients and users of electronics and appliances customer support, call center, any details on the products in service or that are to be sent in for repair in service.



ESD SERVICE vwill perform warranty repairs for products of the manufacturers by which is authorized. 
ESD SERVICE will conduct warranty repairs under the laws of Romania (Law 449/2003) and under the conditions and standards of the manufacturer’s warranty communicated through certificates of warranty and product user manuals.

ESD SERVICE only uses original parts ordered from the manufacturer for products’ repair and service and will not be compromising this rule. ESD Service will intervene to repair in warranty if product conditions apply. Given that warranties are void of reason, ESD Service will not undertake repairs without the owner's agreement to repair in out of warranty period.



In case of warranty cancellation ESD SERVICE will act in accordance with the procedures as required by manufacturers and warranty certificates and endorsements of products and specific instruction manuals.

Product warranties can be canceled in ESD SERVICE in the following conditions:

  • bumps, cracks, splinters, burned or cracked components/parts etc., damaged warranty seals or labels, removed or modified products used in unsuitable conditions (voltages, improper submission to high temperature and pressure variations, mechanical shocks, handling or incorrect use of the products in humidity, dust, pollutants, or in chemicals, software password settings and incorrect installation, power faults, sockets without earth, penetration of liquid, metals or other substances inside equipment, mechanical or plastic intervention on products, connection or disconnection of components during product operation.
  • User failure: unauthorized use of software, lack of maintenance/regular check of electronics and appliances and use for purposes other than those for which the product was made.

For more details see the warranty card and user manual and warranty coverage in terms of products and documents from the websites of manufacturers.

In terms of cancellation of the warranties ESD SERVICE will not perform services outside warranty for products without the owner's confirmation. Given that the product owner does not agree with the terms of warranty repair, the product will be returned to the owner in the same conditions that came to service, with canceled warranty certificate, according to standards and requirements of equipment manufacturers.



For products that come through reception locations, by courier or by third party partners, they will be accompanied, according to manufacturer’s standards and legislation in force, of:

  • The warranty certificate
  • Purchase invoice
  • All product related accessories, accessory with which was acquired
  • Personal contact data to be contacted by ESD Service team
  • Written statement of the claimed defect (for products not delivered in person in receptions ESD Service) or verbal mention of the claimed defect, for products that are entered in service through ESD Service reception areas, as mentioned in this website.

Customers who send by courier are responsible for the correct and safe product packaging so that they can be transported safely. ESD SERVICE assumes no responsibility for malfunctions or deficiencies due to third party carriers: courier, post, and so on.

ESD SERVICE is responsible for client products since the product was entered in service until the shipment via courier or personal dispatch receptions.

ESD SERVICE takes responsibility of transport only given by the use of its’ own transportation fleet, considered as part of ESD.

ESD SERVICE shall have the right to not repair goods sent in terms of lack of documents and items mentioned in the list above and under the laws of Romania, standards and product requirements. ESD SERVICE repair work will be done in conditions which in which the product has all the elements and documents necessary for warranty repairs. ESD SERVICE shall have the right to contact the product owner to request items or lack of documentation.


ONE HOUR Repairs

ONE Hour repair program is due for smartphones, tablets and TV, only in OHE Hour Locations and only for the devices received by reception.

All of the other Termn and conditions for Out of Warranty and In Warranty repairs in Terms and Conditions are applicable to this process. One hour is a premium service dedicated to smart phone users, tablet users and small TV users.

Excluded from this process are the products that need replacement of spare parts unavailable in stock or the products for which the repair process or/and the testing process need a longer than One Hour to be brought to conformity.

One Hour Time (1 hour) represents the effective time starting from the moment a client receives the service documents and ending with the time the products is repaired.

On stock limit, customers may receive a loan phone for the repair duration. Not applicable for one day repairs (24 hours).



ESD Service provides customers multiple communication channels:

  • Dedicated Call Center
  • E-mail
  • Phone Number
  • Web platform for PRODUCT STATUS IN SERVICE view

ESD SERVICE is responsible for communicating with customers in the following conditions:

  • service communication in the product stage
  • Diagnostics and conclusions
  • repair estimate (for repairs outside the manufacturer’s warranty)
  • location contact details
  • completion dates of repairs
  • transport data products via courier
  • schedule
  • documents and other items necessary for sending or bringing products in service
  • other communications related to the service activity

ESD SERVICE is not responsible for communicating with customers on issues related to:

  • support in the use of equipment
  • product description specifications or technical capacity



ESD SERVICE performs repair services for any out of warranty product and uses original manufacturer parts.

For out of warranty products no documentation is necessary, except the mention in writing of the product fault of claim (for goods coming by courier or other means than ESD Service receptions).

Any out of warranty repair shall bear costs on parts changed, workmanship and handling fees where appropriate, transparently communicated by ESD Service to the client, before starting the repair process, based on a diagnosis and an estimate of servicing time and price.


ESD SERVICE offers warranty for any repair as follows:

  • 6 months for the spare part
  • 3 months for labor (workmanship)

In terms of returning to service within 3 months from the latest repair with the same defect claimed and confirmed, ESD Service is responsible to repair the product in ESD and manufacturer warranty.



According to art. 4 of OUG no. 34/2014 on consumer rights in contracts with professionals, customers (named beneficiaries in the contract) of ESD SERVICE are informed about these general terms and conditions of the products out of the warranty period:

Article 1. Object of contract.

1.1. Diagnostics and repair of the Provider at the request and with the agreement of the Beneficiary, expressed written or verbal, for the electronic equipment specified in the service sheet, that are outside the warranty period.

Article 2. The contract period.

2.1. The contract period will be measured from the time the product goes out of the original manufacturer's warranty: the manufacturers’ warranty had ended, the manufacturers’ warranty was cancelled or declared void for a period equal to the average duration of product use.

2.2. Remediation will be performed in service centers of Electronics Support Division (the list is available on, phone 021 326 60 63, e-mail registered with J40 / 1227/2009, fiscal code RO25042583, bank account RO26PIRB4204721514001000 opened at Piraeus Bank, the Beneficiary will be informed of the results of technical diagnostics and estimated time to repair the defect claimed.

Article 3. Obligations of the parties.

3.1. Beneficiary:

a) Provide all information related to the Provider: the status of the equipment, the defect manifested, data necessary for the receiving of the equipment in service, as any details required by the service on the device;

b) Use the equipment strictly for the purposes for which it was built by the manufacturer, according to the operating instructions and specifications;

c) Will pay the Provider the diagnostics fee;

d) Provide the Provider in writing or verbally the acceptance or refusal of repair within 48 hours of the request;

e) Undertakes to pay for repair and diagnostic fees and transport, no later than 3 days from the date on which the beneficiary received the invoice from the Provider by e-mail;

f) Any delay in the payment of the invoice issued will attract delay in repair equipment with an equal number of days of non-payment of amounts due by the Beneficiary;

3.2. The Provider (ESD SERVICE)

a) Diagnose equipment and transmit in writing or verbally to the beneficiary the final resolution of the diagnosis, and the corresponding amounts of the payment of repair under forwarded diagnosis;

b) Repair equipment in case of diagnostic result that the equipment can be repaired, repair will be made only with the express consent in writing or verbally of the beneficiary, the beneficiary shall also communicate the amount due to be paid for the repair. Any modification of tariffs will be communicated within 24 hours after the first price communication and the approval process will be restarted for beneficiaries. An estimate of diagnostics and repair will be sent to the Beneficiary to justify the amounts claimed.

c) At request, the Provider will deliver both the repaired equipment and the defected spare parts, if this is possible or the rule applies

d) Will deliver to the Beneficiary a proof of the service repairs and labor, along with the repaired equipment and the detailed invoice and receipt of/for the payment;

e) Will not be responsible for the personal data loss and will not be responsible for any other prejudices created following the loss of data. The obligations of the Provider are to be limited at the diagnostics and repair of the product;

f)Will solve any conflict situation or deviation of the conditions of the present contract. Any claim will be sent by the Beneficiary at or by call center at +40 21 326 60 63. Following the claim, the Beneficiary will receive a unique claim number. The Beneficiary will be contacted by a company representative to investigate the situation, to present the resolution of the case in a peaceful way, in a limited term of 30 days from the first contact with the Beneficiary or the first claim registration.

Article 4. Payment conditions and contract price.

4.1. The beneficiary will pay the provider the diagnostics fee, as well as repair and transportation fee. If the intervention is possible, and the Beneficiary has communicated in writing or verbally the agreement to repair the equipment at the communicated price. The Beneficiary will pay the amount of repair cost and transportation fee. The Beneficiary will not pay the diagnostics fee is it has been agreed upon the repair at ESD Service.ESD.

4.2. In the specific situation in which the Beneficiary does not agree with the repair by the Provider, the Beneficiary will pay the diagnostics and transport fee of the equipment, transportation will be both ways to and from the Provider to the Beneficiary.

4.3. The technical evaluation tax (diagnostics) is between 24-50 lei, considering the type of the product and the diagnostics process. The prices will be communicated by the Provider through its information channeld:, location receptions of ESD Service, +40 21 326 60 63.

4.4. The beneficiary has the possibility to pay the specified fees as follows: by OP in the Provider bank account, at the ESD dedicated receptions.

4.5. The price will consist of: diagnostics fee, spare parts changed, labor, and transport (if the case). An invoice can mention all of the above or some of the above, taking into account the specific situations or the repair type.

Article 5. WARRANTY.

5.1. Provider ensures a 6 months warranty for the spare parts and 3 month for labor;

5.3. The warranty will not be available to the Beneficiary if: the product has returned in a 3 or 6 month period with a different defect, the defect claimed is not confirmed by service diagnostics, the defect is due to other spare parts or works on the equipment, not linked to former service works.

5.4. The availability of the warranty for service work is to be applied exclusively to those situations in which the defect is proven in the service, the equipment has been properly used by the client, according to product manuals and users guide and in the purpose for which it has been manufactured.

5.5. In the situation in which the defect claimed does is not resolved and there are faults in the repair or intervention made by the Provider, taking into account the law, the Provider shall compensate the beneficiary within the law as follows: warranty repair (parts and labor), transport payments from the customer to the provider of the product and return; diagnosis, but within previously provided services by the provider;

Article 6. Management and Protection of Personal Data.

6.2. The beneficiary will be provided the exercising legal rights: the right of rectification, erasure, objection access.

6.3. The beneficiary retains the right to be contacted by the Provider, to modify personal data communicated to the Provider, may have the right to mention his agreement or disagreement to be contacted. The Beneficiary requests will be communicated by e-mail at , by phone at +40 21 326 60 63 or by written notice at 7, Iuliu Maniu Blvd., 6th District, Bucharest.

6.4. 6.4. Personal data shall be processed for the following purposes: information about the order made, information about products, services or promotions conducted by the Provider, achieving statistical reports, studies on beneficiaries or recipients or any other activities carried out by the Provider.

6.5. The provider will not communicate to others the data with personal character, except service partner, marketing and other services agreed, where there are contracts in this regard and that obliges them to inform the Beneficiary whenever appropriate to contact services, offers, products and company promotions.

6.6. Your personal information may be disclosed to the police, the courts or competent state bodies when the law requires and there is a legal request to do so.

Article 7. Other provisions.

7.1. The conditions of this contract shall be valid for the contract and for any servicing of equipment. The contract will be terminated without any prior formalities and / or without court intervention as follows:

a) The written agreement of the contracting parties;

b) With the completion of the warranty period offered for intervention covered by this contract.

7.2. Termination of this contract will have no effect and will not require extinction of fact and law of obligations already born between the parties.



ESD SERVICE is a provider of repair services and products for customers who purchased the ESD EXTRA WARRANTY.

Conditions for granting the extended warranty comply with the conditions of the manufacturer's original warranty coverage with the following exceptions:

  • Accessories are not subject of the extended warranty
  • ESD Extended Warranty is effective for a period of 12 or 24 months from the expiration of the warranty issued by the manufacturer
  • In terms of original product warranty cancellation, extended warranty will lapse.

ESD SERVICE retains the right to cancel unilaterally the conditions and contract on the extended warranty ESD.

  • Poor product handling
  • Use for purposes others than those for which it was produced
  • Unauthorized use of the software manufacturer
  • Detecting unauthorized repairs on the product
  • Use of previous not original product parts on the equipment, previously to the extended warranty.

For more details on repairs read the EXTENDED WARRANTY conditions or call +40 21 326 60 64.



For products not collected within 3 months from the date the device was brought to service, from the cost communication of repairs, or after performing repairs, within the time of invoice / proforma or notification sent by telephone, email or SMS, or any other online communication media and call center put at customer disposal, client waives irrevocably and free of charge to the right of product ownership in favor of SC Electronics Support Division SRL. (ESD SERVICE).